Price list

Legal Services

The first consultation is free of charge.

Legal services are subsequently charged at an hourly rate of 2.500 CZK. We always provide our clients with an advance estimation of time necessary to resolve the matter.

For some services where this is possible, we offer clients a flat fee.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Accounting services

The cost of bookkeeping depends on the size of your business, so the more your business grows, the more documents you need to account for. The basic rate includes a maximum of 50 documents per month, then the price depends on the number of invoices, bank account items, cash documents, etc.


Rate Non-payer of VAT VAT payer
Basic rate for up to 50 transactions/month CZK 2000 CZK 2500
Price for each additional accounting operation: CZK 25*

Payroll processing

Service Fee
Company registration in payroll records CZK 500
Payroll processing for 1 employee/month - employment contract CZK 300
Payroll processing for 1 employee/month - employment agreement CZK 250
Declarations of recruitment and end of contract to the authorities (social security, health insurance company) From CZK 800
Travel expense processing CZK 200
Preparation and management of an inspection by the social security or health insurance authorities From CZK 1500
Statement of withholding tax or personal income tax for employees From CZK 800

Income declaration

Service Fee
Personal income tax and self-employment income tax, including reports to social security and health insurance authorities From CZK 2500
Personal income tax (only income from employment) From CZK 1500
Corporate income tax From CZK 4000
Financial statements, including notes From CZK 2500
VAT declaration CZK 500
VAT report CZK 500
VAT registration CZK 800
Registration for other taxes CZK 500
Property tax, road tax From CZK 1500


Service Fee
Representation before public authorities (hourly rate) CZK 700
Advice in accounting and other work not included in the list of fees (hourly rate) CZK 700
Preparation of management accounting reports (monthly, quarterly, annual) From CZK 1400

*Each accounting operation is considered as a line recorded in the cash receipts journal or the accounting journal. This includes the recording of individual invoices, cash documents, internal documents, the payment schedule documents and bank account line items.